Type II Units

The assigned value of a Type II Tuition Unit is 1% of the Weighted Average cost of undergraduate resident tuition and required fees for the applicable academic year consisting of 30 semester credit hours with an assumed 15 hours per semester charged by General academic teaching institutions (four-year public colleges) in Texas. Type II Tuition Units cover the same four-year Texas public colleges as Type I Tuition Units, but only pay the Weighted Average Cost of undergraduate resident tuition and required fees at Texas public four-year colleges and universities. Any difference not covered by redemption of Tuition Units must be paid by the Beneficiary or the Purchaser either through the redemption of additional Tuition Units or through alternative funding methods. The percentage of tuition and required fees covered will vary depending on the college or university your Beneficiary attends and the extent to which its costs are above or below the Weighted Average cost at Texas public four-year colleges and universities.

All types of Tuition Units can be used at any Texas public college or university or converted to the Transfer Value for use at Texas private colleges and universities or out-of-state colleges or universities or eligible career schools. Transfer Value (Transfer Outside of Plan) is limited to the lesser of (1) the costs the Tuition Unit would cover at a public in-state college or university or (2) the original purchase price of the Tuition Unit plus or minus the Plan’s net investment earnings or losses on that amount. See the Tuition Unit Pricing Schedule and Unit Value Redemption Guide to determine the number of Tuition Units required for redemption at four-year and two-year Texas public colleges or universities in the current year.