Check out the pricing guide for up-to-date costs. At the back of the pricing guide you will find information on the number of each type of Tuition Units necessary to cover one academic year’s tuition and required fees at Texas public colleges and universities if the units were redeemed in the current academic year. This is subject to change in the year that you actually redeem tuition units. For example, a college whose costs are at the Weighted Average in the year Tuition Units are purchased might not be at the Weighted Average in the year Tuition Units are redeemed.


With the exception of accounts owned through a Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA/UTMAs) or Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UGMA/UTMAs) account, Purchasers may change the Beneficiary of an account. The new Beneficiary must be a Texas resident or the child of a parent who is both a Texas resident and the Purchaser on the date the designation is changed. The new Beneficiary must be a “member of the family” of the existing Beneficiary as defined by IRS Publication 970.

If you change the Beneficiary of your account to a person who is older or younger than the existing Beneficiary, and you purchased units under an Installment Plan, then your installment payments may change. Additionally, changing the Beneficiary may have gift tax or generation-skipping-transfer tax consequences. You should consult with a tax advisor prior to changing the Beneficiary of your account.